ilustracja, różowe tło, dziewczyna o zielonych włosach leży przez laptopem, którego wylatują ikony mycia rąk, środka bakteriobójczego i wirusa

Health content in 2020

None expected that this year would be different than all the others. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that surprised the public all around the world, we have not only changed our habits, but also began to adapt to the new normal.
Published 17/09/2020

During this difficult time, we were more interested in health, which, as the pandemic has shown, can be fragile. What were the most commonly googled health questions? How did brands deal with health content? Let’s check!

What were Google search trends regarding the pandemic?

One of the most frequently visited websites was a site with worldwide population statistics. It provided answers to difficult questions related to the number of new deaths caused by the coronavirus, as well as new cases. Between March 1 and March 7, the number of Google queries about the address of this site began to increase rapidly from single, random queries, to over a hundred. You can still visit Worldometers  and check the tab dedicated to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus query was also recorded by Google and is still a popular keyword that is one of the search term trends of 2020. Its popularity began to grow in January, when the first indications of the alleged pandemic reached our country.

Pandemic and a bad idea to promote a new product

It cannot be denied that one of the brands that suffered the most in the pandemic is the Corona beer brand. Having originated in the USA, Corona not very wisely launched a new commercial in February, in which it introduced a new type of beer: Corona.

Of course, during the pandemic, no one could try the new taste of this big brand, the more so as all recreational and party activities have been severely limited.

Furthermore, this brand has already suffered a lot in terms of image due to its name, inevitably associated with the pandemic. However, in the face of the brand’s image crisis related to its name, the spot presenting the launch of a new product on the market should not have been released.

We are in it TOGETHER

One of the Polish campaigns worth paying attention to is the T-Mobile campaign, in which the brand informs that in the face of the pandemic and lockdown, it wants to meet its customers’ needs and offers them additional gigabytes of internet for staying at home. The campaigns in this series were carried out neatly, empathetically, and very strongly in the spirit of CSR.

Biedronka approached the topic in a similar way. It decided to show support to its clients in the most difficult time, when we had to separate from our loved ones. See the advertising spot of the Biedronka brand, which wished us a happy Easter in our homes, while keeping the distance:

The Tyskie beer brand approached the subject of the coronavirus and restrictions, while maintaining its claim, incredibly subtly. In its advertising spot, we can see a reference to making new friends in different historical periods. When we move to 2020, we see men who, together with beer in hand, meet on their balconies located in blocks facing each other. The moral is obvious – you should stay at home, because the time for new acquaintances will come, and now you should take care of yourself and others:

CSR campaigns

Some may be surprised by the fact that a large brand such as Coca-Cola completely abandoned advertising activities during the pandemic, focusing its support on helping healthcare. It is a brand that can afford this type of action, as it is known all over the world and its position will remain unchallenged:

This time was also abundant in CSR actions, the task of which was to help the medical services in our country. Brands strengthened their position by implementing activities supporting medics, organizing charity collections and other non-profit campaigns. An excellent example is the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP):

and IKEA, which through its own products could offer support to the neediest.

The time when the restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic forced us to stay at home, was full of intense digital marketing activities. Some consumers were abashed by the promotion of specific products during the pandemic (the Corona beer case), while others even admired the idea of CSR campaigns that inspired them to act. What were your feelings about the advertising efforts at the height of the coronavirus pandemic?

Aleksandra Kietrys

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