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It was the year of e-commerce

How was the past year for the DOMODI GROUP? Did the planned marketing activities be implemented in 2020 and which trends will be the most important for Domodi in the near future?
Published 23/11/2020

The most interesting marketing campaigns of the last year.

2020 was definitely unusual. The pandemic, which started in the first quarter, forced us to postpone a few previously planned image campaigns. Nevertheless, we have managed to implement some marketing activities worth mentioning.

The first is the Domodi Fashion Dictionary (Słownik mody Domodi). It is an online and offline publication that presents words, phrases and trends related to the fashion industry in one place. The project perfectly matched the slogan accompanying our brand – all the fashion in one place. Its goal was to go beyond the current scheme of Domodi’s operation and reach completely new recipients. The premiere of the dictionary in both versions took place on January 20. It was accompanied by an event with influencers and journalists, creative shipping and PR communication.

Clue – the magazine of the Domodi Group, is the second comprehensive project we have undertaken this year. In July, we launched the first edition of our online magazine for business and the marketing industry. The quarterly includes mailings, web pushes, social media and media relations activities.

The third action is the next edition of the Homebook Design album, which was released on November 12. This is the seventh edition of the book, which includes the most unique interiors by selected Polish studios cooperating with the portal. The new album with 255 pages includes 30 unique projects that will be promoted over the coming weeks.

Key communication channels? How will this change in 2021?

Social media has always been our key channel of communication with users. We actively use Facebook, Instagram and now also TikTok. Activities related to media relations are no less important, as they allow us to maintain a permanent position in the Polish media. We will continue to build on these two pillars in 2021. We are also planning a number of activities related to the 10th anniversary of one of our websites –

Our greatest challenges.

I think that the biggest challenge the entire market is facing today is the uncertainty that stems from the pandemic and the possible direction of its development. The entire industry must quickly adapt to the constantly changing situation, and react to the needs of consumers on an ongoing basis. The Domodi Group is also facing strictly product-related challenges – constant improvement of the website functionality is crucial for us.

The key trends.

As one of the largest Polish e-commerce companies, we constantly observe all trends, both on the micro and brand scale. At the moment, I can indicate 4 key phenomena that we are carefully observing, analysing and implementing.

  1. First: changing consumer behaviour. The young generation – called the Z generation – that has got used to a world without borders and appreciate mobility, comes to the fore. No wonder that most of the purchases are made over the phone – whether sitting in the office, on the bus or at home. Generation Z itself dictates trends, and it is no longer the industry, but the consumer who decides whether a given product will sell or not. Therefore, a brand is to reflect the values important to them. Moreover, it is supposed to be cheap and cute. In fact, Gen Z seems to be ruled by contrasts. On the one hand, they spend the most out of all consumers on products in the wellness segment, while on the other, they are rather sceptical about sustainable fashion – as experts note, “zoomers” do not believe in brand transparency.
  2. The second important trend that we have been observing for a long time is the function of brick and mortar stores – hybrid purchases are becoming the thing of the future, and the year 2020 has significantly accelerated it. The borders between online and offline are blurring. Omnichannel sales is a real and transparent integration of all communication, distribution and sales channels.
  3. Of course, ecology and sustainable development also had to be on our list. The industry in which we operate simply requires it. An increasing number of brands recognize reduction of the negative impact on the environment by eliminating the carbon footprint created during production and sales processes as the core of their activities. The implementation of this assumption takes place at all levels – from the appearance of eco-marketing content in the communication strategy, through the inclusion of natural resources in production (ecological minimalism), to reducing its impact on the planet at the stage of sales and logistics activities.
  4. Development of e-commerce and marketplaces. In response to the change in the model of the shopping journey, marketplaces are becoming more and more popular among consumers in the interior and fashion industry – according to forecasts, their market may increase by up to 40% in the coming years.

The condition of the industry. Chances and dangers.

Currently, the e-commerce industry is in a very good condition. This is confirmed not only by market data, but also our internal analyses and research. Users have smoothly moved their activities online, which is why brands try to provide them with as many shopping incentives as possible, including special campaigns, discounts and promotions. Online presence is an undisputed “must have” today. This is a great chance for success known even by small local businesses, which, forced by the pandemic, invested in online stores and allowed themselves to be found by users. It also allowed them to expand the group of recipients and sales markets. Easily reaching the user who, deprived of offline incentives, stays longer on the Internet and is more active, is also another chance.

As far as threats are concerned, we are certainly observing a progressing economic crisis and an increase in unemployment. The latter significantly affects the consumer mood.


Virtually all of our activities come down to investing in innovation and development of our services. In 2021, we will be expanding our product offer, as we want them to respond to the real needs of Poles.

Martyna Głowińska

Marketing and PR manager at the Domodi Group

DOMODI GROUP consists of three websites:, and, which are aggregators of online stores’ offers.

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