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What it’s like at Skivak, part 1 – flexible and with initiative

Do you need the skills of Inspector Gadget or the genes of Elastigirl Incredible to be flexible? Do you need a special pass, ceremonial patent-leather shoes or the blessing of the boss of all bosses to take some initiative? Well, this may be the case in some places, but at Skivak we prefer a slightly different approach.
Published 30/06/2020

Each company creates its own set of social norms and value systems that should connect all of its employees and be shared by them. Why is such an organizational culture created? To put it simply – in order to work more closely and avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings, everyone should be well aware of what the goal of the activities is and what direction we are heading.

At Skivak, we also have our values – but no worries, nobody will ask you about them, and at the beginning you aren’t handed a table to learn by heart. Some things are obvious to us – we must trust, respect, and listen carefully to each other and the client. This approach translates into our team work, where we try to jointly set goals and paths that lead us to their implementation.

  • zdjęcie nóg na chodniku, na którym jest napisane passion led us here); zdjęcie nóg na chodniku, na którym jest napisane passion led us here);

Let’s fit together

There are different people working at our company – enthusiasts who need time to develop their interests, parents who must leave before 4 p.m. to pick up their children from kindergarten or school, enthusiasts of getting up bright and early, as well as sleepyheads for whom turning on the computer before 9.30 a.m. is a real challenge. They all work for Skivak and no one is surprised – we have flexible working hours, so everyone can adjust. Sure, there are certain limits, as we all need them – they bring a certain order to our work and a common frame of reference. We also always take into account clients and their needs, since they are of the utmost importance for us – the key thing is that everything works smoothly.

We also know that there are fitter visits, teacher strikes, a sudden viral infection among our toddlers or days when your sight is acting up and you can’t see yourself at your desk. We understand this perfectly, that’s why everyone has two days of the so-called home office at their disposal, during which they can work remotely – in pajamas, a tracksuit, and even wrapped in a quilt up to their ears (it’s fall after all). Internet access, a phone within reach and honest fulfillment of their duties – if this is clear to you, we’ll certainly get along.

Inspection? Only on a tram

Are you ready to take a project under your wing, plan activities and organize your work space? You’ve come to the right place, as that’s how we work here. There are no weekly reports, a boss looking over your shoulder, or spy software that tells us how many posts you liked on Facebook today. Your good relationship with the client and colleagues, commitment and willingness to develop is something that will tell us more about you than numerous inspections.

We put our clients under your care and want you to create a relationship with them that will help develop both their brand and our company. You get freedom of action and we believe that you’ll use it wisely for the benefit of the entire organization. There are still deadlines, asap projects, a budget to meet, meetings and conferences. We won’t lie – there are also fails and communication problems (after all, nobody’s perfect), but we try to talk it out in a civilized manner, provide help when you need it, and together look for solutions when something unexpected happens.

  • zdjęcie białego biurka a na nim białego kubka, białej myszki i białej klawiatury); zdjęcie białego biurka a na nim białego kubka, białej myszki i białej klawiatury);

You have an idea? Speak freely!

Flexibility in thinking and initiative is something we are looking for in people. We love new ideas, creative solutions and going one step beyond of what is required. We value good, diligent work, knowledge and willingness to develop. At Skivak, you aren’t “stuck” to one project permanently and you have the right to say that you are interested in a new concept, a different path of action or you’d like to try your hand at something completely different. If you let us know about it or show that you’re much more than you appear, it won’t go unnoticed – together we’ll find a space where you can develop your skills and interests.

We’ll write more about us soon, but if you already feel that you are fit for Skivak and want to introduce yourself, visit our career section. Make yourself known from the best side!

Ewa Guzek

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