3 tools for planning your PPC strategy

A solid strategy is like a foundation you can reliably build on - we can’t stress its importance enough, and this will never change. Let's have a look at the available tools to design your paid ads!
Published 29/09/2021

Ideally, the development of a paid advertising strategy is a real team effort: our client defines their goals and provides a professional background so we can communicate more efficiently with potential customers. In turn, we tailor the campaign plans to suit their needs, structure and then implement the planned activities. As with any marketing activity, professional competitor analysis plays a key role, similarly to a thorough examination of your target audience. An important part of your analysis could be the survey of your competition’s paid ads and the online behavior of your target users. Get in the know with our article!

Facebook & Instagram

If you’d like to dive into the advertising activity of a competitor in advance, the first step is to navigate onto their Facebook page – you know its title by heart, don’t you? Once you’re on the page, start scrolling down below the “About” section until the “Page Transparency” section appears in the left bar. Click on “See all”, then “Open the Ad Library”…  then, lo and behold, you’ll find yourself in the Ad Library, a database where you can see all the currently active ads on the page broken down by month, as well as some data related to them.

Should you decide not to focus on a specific competitor, rather on some important keywords, you can find them in the Ad Library at this link. The small icons in the upper right corner of each ad show whether the ad is displayed on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or possibly on the Audience Network. Happy browsing, hope you get inspired!

Google Search Console

If you’re considering the placement of search display ads, Google Search Console will be a great partner in planning. One of the most important and very first steps at this stage is to collect potential keywords that you can later base your campaigns around. The Search Console allows you to see how users find your website over a given period and which search terms gain you the highest number of clicks. When examining the results, you may find that some words don’t really work as keywords, but they can still do excellently as blog post topics. A secret to successful advertisement is a thorough knowledge of your target audience – which is why it’s useful to know what they search answers for on the Internet.

Google Ads

If you’re no longer a newbie among Google advertisers, and you’d like to update with the new strategy, the “Auction Insights” section in your Google Ads account might also help you plan your budget. Here, you can see who your main competitors were for keywords in a given campaign over a given period. The report will give you an idea of how your current ads are performing against your competitors, and will also help you decide whether you need to invest more in paid advertisement.

To create the most optimal strategy for you, we are happy to add the missing link: our  creative thinking and many years of experience complements your knowledge of your industry. Let’s start working together and you won’t have to worry about the above! 😉

Fanni Demeter

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