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Live streaming – a trend that won’t go away

Live streaming is a trend that will certainly not fade away quickly. Video content is currently one of the most desirable around, not only by the algorithms of social platforms, but also the consumers themselves.
Published 30/06/2020

Why is live streaming so popular? Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Video trend

It’s a form of video marketing based on real-time broadcast. Such broadcast can take place not only on social media, but also through many applications from various sources. Today, there are many sources for live transmission – Persicope or Meerkat from Twitter, Facebook Live Video, Instagram Live, YouTube, Google Hangouts.

How to use live streaming?

It’s a great opportunity for brands to build creative forms of communication with their fans, as well as to gain better reach. Thanks to live broadcasting, you not only gain more interest in the content published by the brand, but also get closer to your fans. Thanks to the event story, you can also share the emotions that accompany you during the event. What’s more, when creating a live webinar you have the opportunity to interact live during training, and by using live streaming in personal branding, you maintain your relationship with fans. There can be many examples of using live streaming – it all depends on what you want to convey in it and what goal you desire to achieve.

  • ciemne zdjęcie ręki trzymającej komórkę i kręcącej live z koncertu); ciemne zdjęcie ręki trzymającej komórkę i kręcącej live z koncertu);

The benefits of live streaming

Statistics tell us know that live streaming accounts for over 2/3 of all internet traffic and is expected to increase by 82% in 2020 (source). The value of this industry will increase by $ 70.05 billion by 2021, with the popularity of the slogan “Facebook Live Stream” already having increased by 330% since 2015. As many as 80% of brand fans prefer to watch live broadcasts rather than read a company blog. 82% also prefer this form of communication to reading brand posts on social media.

Thanks to the implementation of live streaming to the brand’s communication strategy, you can not only increase reach, but also build your authority in the scope of e.g. training, or gain more fans, thanks to stories from entertainment events, and thus – increase ticket sales for the next event.

What content is the most watched?

The content most watched by Internet users is live event broadcast; up to 56% say that it attracts them the most, followed by conferences and speaker presentations, which are watched by as many as 43% of Internet users. In this category, you will also find concerts, events and festivals that attract crowds in front of the screens (source).

  • zdjęcie ekranu monitora, na którym wyświetlany jest youtube); zdjęcie ekranu monitora, na którym wyświetlany jest youtube);

It’s worth remembering about the VIP package, which we can use to offer fans e.g. backstage, during which they will see the preparations or their favorite star backstage.


Let’s not forget about the very valuable aspect of live streaming, i.e. education. Thanks to this form of sending a message, many people can study at a university, while companies can organize training for both their employees and clients who want to learn more about the products or services offered.

Influencer marketing loves live streaming!

Influencers often use all forms of live broadcasts in their social media channels, which in turn tempts brands to collaborate with selected influencers. Broadcasts from events organized by the brand, made available on influencer channels, are very popular, and so are contests in which the prize is going shopping with one’s favorite trendsetter, who will share the shopping report on their IG stories – the dream of many Internet users!

Aleksandra Kietrys

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