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Cooperating with the Jasmeen brand

June marks one year of SKIVAK's cooperation with the Jasmeen brand. What have we been able to accomplish during that time? What are our plans for the future? And are the recipients of the brand closer to the Orient thanks to our campaign?
Published 29/06/2020

It is a brand that brings together oriental cuisine products, mainly from Lebanon, the cradle of Middle Eastern cuisine. Jasmeen’s offer includes: hummus, baba ghanoush, tahini, falafel and za’atar. Jasmeen products are rich in the highest quality ingredients, and their production is based on traditional recipes.

Closer to the Orient

We designed and run the “Bliżej orientu” (Closer to the Orient) campaign for Jasmeen, which includes 360-degree activities. We started by creating new graphic designs for products. In cooperation with Jasmeen and Samar Khanafer, the brand’s ambassador (finalist of the 3rd edition of MasterChef), we have created an advertising video for this brand, a series of videos that included Samar’s proprietary recipes and Jasmeen products, as well as numerous accompanying materials together with the Ambassador, in the form of DIY short video recipes, cinemagraphs and teasers that allow getting to know the brand better.

Social Media

We implement the communication strategy through social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The result of these activities is over 2600 fans on Facebook, almost 7000 fans on Instagram and over 1300 active users on the Facebook group, where they exchange tips, recipes, as well as culinary inspirations from Middle Eastern Cuisine. Culinary videos on YouTube have been viewed over 800 000 times with the number of users involved regularly increasing. Moreover, communication on the Internet is supported by SKIVAK Landing Page, which contains Samar’s recipes in a form of video presenting the used Jasmeen products. The brand is becoming increasingly recognizable and is gaining a growing group of Oriental flavors enthusiasts. Jasmeen products are used by Nicole Sochacki-Wójcicka @mamaginekolog, or the popular culinary magazine KUKBUK, which prepares recipes available on the website. The activities have shown that Middle Eastern cuisine is becoming increasingly popular, and high-quality ingredients from which you can prepare oriental dishes are valued and eagerly sought after.

Further cooperation

We are constantly implementing the project’s aims i.e., strengthening the brand’s message on product availability, increasing reach and awareness, as well as engaging users to interact with it. The brand is developing by introducing new products to its offer, such as pomegranate molasses, rose and orange water, makdous or warak enab, and we are implementing further projects.

The brand entrusted us with the implementation of another campaign: Closer to the Orient 2020, the effects of which you will find out soon.

Explore the world of oriental flavors. Get closer to the Orient with the Jasmeen brand!

Paulina Reszela

Online content manager

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