Export? There is no room for improvisation here

How to prepare for the brand's entry into other markets? What is worth knowing before we start expansion? We present the interview with Magda Gazda, Sales Manager at SunewMed+.
Published 22/12/2022

What is your current path to entering other markets with the SUNEW MED+ brand?

We are present on the German, Romanian, Lithuanian, Greek, British and United Arab Emirates markets. The basis for entering a new market was the selection of appropriate business partners who have experience in our industry and understand our company’s strategy. We met many distributors during our participation in international fairs. Only this year we had the pleasure of participating in the fairs in Bologna, Istanbul and Madrid. People who work at PAIH offices also provide great support in the development on foreign markets.

Why did you decide to be present in these markets?

After a thorough analysis and making the decision to expand, we selected markets whose sales potential and the speed of entering the market make it possible to promote the brand in the shortest possible time. The fact that we are on specific markets with particular partners is not a coincidence. It is a developed relationship with partners who understand our strategy, who believe in our product and are involved in promoting it.

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What is their specificity, similarities and differences between the markets and consumers from CEE or the West and the Polish market?

We are certainly united by focusing on quality. Both of the product and the way it is manufactured. We are happy to say that our products are beautifully made, and most importantly, they give immediate results. Differences occur at the consumer level, which translates into the distribution network. According to the information obtained from the German distributor, the German consumer appreciates the quick effect of the product, which can be used at home. On the other hand, the Greek consumer definitely prefers to go to a beauty salon or a good department store to buy a product or a whole service.

On the domestic market or in neighboring countries, we have seen a huge development of e-commerce since the pandemic. Online shopping is already a standard for us. It is completely different on the Italian market, which we plan to conquer. There, it is important that the product is on the store shelf, but also that the salesperson believes in this product and recommends it to their customers. The power of recommendation.

Is it difficult for a cosmetic brand from Poland to appear on a foreign market? How are Polish products received?

Polish companies are valued on foreign markets. To a large extent, this is due to the very good quality of the products and the relationships built by the owners or employees of the company. Entering each foreign market is a lot of work, starting with the preparation of a marketing strategy, market analysis, through finding the right partner, and finally – promoting and building brand awareness. It is an interesting and long-term process, the effect of which depends on many factors.

Marketing plans for 2023.

Marketing support for clients who are present in our portfolio and promotion of our products on the Spanish and Italian markets. Online and offline actions. The topic is very broad and prone to change, as the world and its needs change, so we adapt our plans to the needs of a given market.

What marketing campaigns have caught your attention?

We follow marketing activities from various industries, not only cosmetics. We observe how fashion, jewelry, but also cars and furniture are presented. We are inspired by the campaigns of French and Italian fashion houses, showing elegance and luxury dressed in delicacy. We imagine that the customers to whom they are addressed will also be familiar with our philosophy and method of communication. We follow the trends presented by them, such as slow life and upcycling, and ideas for cooperation with brands from other sectors.

What advice would you give to other companies thinking about expansion? Where should they start?

The beginning of the adventure related to expansion should be related to the acquisition of knowledge about sales outside the borders of our country. PAIH conducts fantastic training in this field. Consultation with industry experts in your country is helpful. It is worth having a plan, choosing a few countries on which we want to focus first, getting to know the specifics of the market and consumers. It all comes down to knowledge and experience in dealing with people from different cultures. Sales training outside Poland is an inseparable element of continuous development. The world is changing, which the last 3-4 years have shown us very strongly. Knowledge and experience, development and a plan adapted to geopolitical circumstances are, in our opinion, the keys to expansion.

Thank you!

If you are interested in the presence of your brand on foreign markets – write to us: s.wlodarczyk@skivak.pl



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