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We talk with Krzysztof Szultka, Marketing Director at POLOmarket, about the summary of marketing activities in the passing year, as well as digital transformation and the growing importance of customer experience.
Published 14/12/2020

The most interesting marketing campaigns of the passing year.

Of course, we try to make all our activities attractive for customers and effective. However, if I had to distinguish something, it would probably be the revival of POLOzaurs, implementation of m-commerce – C&C module in our application in record time, and the campaign “Buy Polish Products and Support Local Suppliers”, which is one of the many activities and elements that got us a promotional emblem of the “Teraz Polska” in the ”Services” category.

The first action constitutes not only supporting new brands available in our network, but also precisely expanding selected segments of the target group, in this case parents with children at early school age. It is also a confirmation of how important product placement and, of course, attractive, well-matched content are in our marketing.

The introduction of our click&collect service to the market from the application level, which gives us an edge over the competition, as it’s available for the entire network and gives access to our full offer, is not only a continuation of the digital transformation of our business, but also a response to the rapid increase of FMCG customers’ interest in this type of services due to the pandemic.

Recent activities, i.e. the campaign “Buy Polish Products and Support Local Suppliers” are also a “fixed” element resulting from our strategy and DNA of a 100% Polish company. We feel responsible for promoting such attitudes among consumers not only during particular events, but also on a daily basis, and we are convinced that, especially in these difficult times, their effect is real support for our Polish suppliers. In the context of Polishness of our company’s activities, it is definitely worth emphasizing once again that in recent years our company has been appreciated 3 times in a row by the competition jury of the Polish Promotional Logo Foundation “Teraz Polska”, who granted us the logo both for products and in the Services category.

Key communication channels? How will this change in 2021?

For several years now, we have been gradually modifying and adjusting the structure of marketing and communication tools in such a way as to implement the assumptions resulting from the business development strategy, of course, taking into account market trends. We put particular emphasis on changing consumer behavior and digitization.

I can say with full responsibility that our current activities meet the 360° marketing criteria, are integrated, consistent and, what is important, they take into account the expectations of our customers, thanks to the NPS measurement that we have been carrying out for several years based on the implemented CX (customer experience) platform.

The greatest challenges that the company faces.

From the level of the development strategy of the entire organization, it is certainly a continuation of the digital transformation, launching a third logistics center, completing the network modernization process, organic development – acquiring new locations. In the area of marketing, the challenge will undoubtedly be to keep the current customers and acquire new ones, hence the aforementioned activities, including precisely expanding individual target groups. The further development of e- and m-commerce, as well as investments in IT, in particular the implementation of SAP S/4HANA for Retail, will also be a challenge for the entire organization. Bearing in mind that the core of business is trading in the traditional channel, this will mean changes in the function of brick-and-mortar stores, e.g. in the case of C&C services.

The key trends.

Undoubtedly, an important trend is the growing interest of FMCG customers in e- and m-commerce, which is especially visible this year. In my opinion, even if the level of interest in shopping, e.g. in the C&C model, decreases after the pandemic, a large group of customers who decided to use the service will continue to do so.

New trends, both in the method of selecting suppliers of FMCG products and the method of their purchase, will continue to be imposed on us, with even greater force, due to the increase in purchasing power, by generation Z.

Personally, I believe that another important trend will be the further increase in the importance of the practical use of customer experiences, i.e. CX. Importantly, it is not only about measuring NPS and collecting knowledge about the customer’s experience. It regards the ability to react in real time to negative surprises, so as to be able to prevent similar negative experiences for next customers.

In my opinion, we will also observe a further increase in the importance of products and functional categories in 2021: convenience, superfoods, bio, eco and vege.

Finally, I think that all major players in the market will have to implement practical and visible solutions in this area due to growing expectations or pressure imposed by increasingly environmentally conscious consumers. POLOmarket has been keeping this in mind for several years when modernizing older and building new facilities. We invest in technological and pro-ecological solutions, including photovoltaics as an alternative energy source, cooling devices powered by CO2, heat recovery systems, as well as energy-saving indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

The condition of the industry. Chances and threats.

For several years, we have been observing significant changes in the retail chains operating on the FMCG market. Many operators did not withstand strong competition, had not prepared properly in advance, were unable to develop optimal commercial models and product offer, and did not have an appropriate strategy. POLOmarket has “done its job” in these areas, a fact which has already translated into very good results. The network has always had a good and stable financial situation, and above all, liquidity. The economic crisis will not only affect the mood of consumers, but will also force them to change their behavior, especially the criteria that they will follow when choosing a place to buy and specific products. We are already seeing an increase in the importance of price and promotion as compared to other factors, which forces retailers to conduct a more aggressive policy in this area – a fact that ultimately translates into the level of margins and business profitability.


Our network is constantly investing in many areas – new stores; new, third logistics center in Swarożyn at A1 highway, the latest SAP S/4HANA software for Retail, modern fleet and many more. In the area of marketing, there are and certainly will be further investments in new communication channels and modern tools allowing for effective marketing and sales based on mobile, e-marketing, as well as e- and m-commerce.

Krzysztof Szultka

Marketing Director at POLOmarket.

POLOmarket is a Polish supermarket chain with 284 stores in Poland.

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