grafika otwierająca z moniką klejewską

We said ‘YES’ to challenges

What was 2020 like for the luxury goods industry? What communication channels did the YES brand choose during the pandemic and how did it build customer engagement at a time when jewellery was not a necessity?
Published 16/11/2020

The most interesting marketing campaigns of 2020.

This year has brought a lot of unexpected events. It required above-average flexibility in planning, but also verification and postponement of many, even very advanced, projects. Despite it all, it is very encouraging to see how we got through the first wave of the pandemic. It was a period when there were definitely more questions than ready-made answers. That is why we decided to ask our fans directly what they expect from us and what content inspires them the most. Thus, we focused on something that is the key of every modern brand – strengthening the community. Jewellery is something where the form and constant development of design are extremely important, but at the same time, it does not exist without emotions. It is in jewellery that we often save the most important memories; it can be an emanation of the soul and identity, emphasize character or give courage. The worst thing we could do is to lose touch with the reality that has changed so dynamically. That is why we introduced more inspiring content, took care of many technical facilities, simplified the form of contact on, set up a discussion group for our most loyal fans, introduced live coverage with our expert, but also invited our designers, famous stylists, media and culture people. These were many small steps that replaced the current mode of operation. However, if I were to indicate one of the most important actions, it would definitely be the “YES for Love” collection. Responding to the trends of wearing colourful bracelets made of natural stones, in our manufacture in Poznań, we created YES for Love bracelets, from which the total income was donated to hospitals most in need. Colourful, natural stones “flooded” our social media and became a symbol of something special. The energy that was created thanks to this action gave us a lot of motivation in such difficult and uncertain moments. We believe that engaging companies in important things, helping and supporting our community, makes great sense.

Key communication channels. How will this change in 2021?

The power of digital marketing is definitely growing, but at the same time, with such a large amount of content available on the Internet, it is especially important to take care of your own channels. I am not talking about such drastic steps taken by, for example, the Lush brand who abandoned all social media in favour of building its own perfect place on the Internet. On the other hand, the constant development of a website is crucial in every respect. From investing in UX and delivering the smoothest user experience possible to creating inspirational brand and product content. Today, the authenticity and truth that a brand communicates online are more important than ever. Millennials and the generation Z are very sensitive to lies and lack of social commitment of the brand. All the more, all activities should be closely related to the marketing strategy, acting as a signpost that allows avoiding unnecessary mistakes. It is very easy to get lost in the current possibilities and the wealth of channels offered by digital marketing. However, not every channel is the right choice for a specific industry. One that will surely reign supreme in 2021 is influencer marketing. If it is conducted properly, it can bring great benefits to the brand. Hoverer, if it is carried out in a bad way, it will be a lost investment in the best-case scenario, while in worst-case scenario it will cause severe damage. The brand is responsible for the selection and support of creators who correspond to the communities closely related to the brand personas that the brand wants to reach. Let’s not forget about authentic, creative, inspiring campaigns and, most importantly, long-term relationships. Equally important to us is the constant development of social media, especially video content, the consumption of which is constantly growing. In our industry, content and the way of presenting and talking about jewellery are of key importance. Last year, we collaborated with podcasters for the first time, and I am sure that this content will expand even further next year. In addition to creative and branding content, in our opinion, investing in automation marketing and CRM is extremely important. Making decision-making process easier for customers, building lasting relationships, and dynamically responding to inquiries is essential. There is nothing more important for us than the skilful management of the expectations of our recipients.

The greatest challenges that YES faces.

It is certainly a constant renewal and change that awaits retail. The pandemic has changed our shopping habits, but also the way we consume content and our expectations towards brands. One of the most important challenges for us is the better connection of offline and online, as well as constant technological development.

The most important trends for you.

The passing year has been extremely difficult, but it has also shown the strength of unity and community, as well as the essence of taking care of our inner selves and relationships with our loved ones. The first lockdown was a big stop sign for all of us. This drastic halt allowed all of us to calmly look at the things we gathered and understand that often less means more, and that it is worth investing in noble and timeless things. In the fashion industry, we observe a great increase in consumer awareness; CSR and investing in innovative materials have become a must. As far as jewellery is concerned, the recycling of materials, as well as attention to jewellery art and nurturing craftsmanship are somewhat sewn in the industry. However, we are still looking for new solutions and increasing awareness in these areas. We also take care of the development of the YES Design Studio; the world needs a wise design that meets the needs of contemporary people. Certainly, personalization is also important to us – both in terms of various jewellery formats allowing for the expression of an individual character, as well as personalization of content and services.

The condition of the industry. Chances and threats.

The luxury goods market, including the jewellery industry, has gone through a major crisis caused by the pandemic. In view of all the events that have taken place, jewellery is obviously not an essential good. However, in the context of the growing awareness of consumers and the willingness to invest in things that are timeless, fine jewellery is one of the most frequent choices. We observe an increasing interest in jewellery with diamonds, rare gemstones, such as the Valentine, Metropolitan or Victorian collection, which was created with the intention of passing it down from generation to generation.


One of the most important investments for us is continuous product development. We have our own YES Design Studio, and each year we present unique collections of jewellery made by our designers. We also want to develop the online sales channel more and more, which requires significant technological investments.

Monika Klejewska

Marketing Department Director of YES.

YES is one of the leading jewellery brands that has been shaping the Polish jewellery market for over 40 years. It has over 160 stores.

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