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We talk with Łukasz Dobrowolski, Marketing Communications Director at Śnieżka SA, and Tomasz Kosiński, Strategic Marketing Director at Śnieżka SA, about the summary of the passing year, quick reactions to changes and the most important communication channels.
Published 18/12/2020

The most interesting marketing campaigns of 2020.

The situation related to the outbreak of the SARS CoV-2 virus caused a lot of uncertainty in the first months of this year, also for us marketers. Most of us faced a dilemma – what will happen to the planned communication? Difficulty in determining what the near and distant future would bring did not facilitate decision making. Ultimately, we have decided not to suspend our activities, but only adapted them to the new reality. Flexible approach and the ability to quickly react to changes allowed us to create a new line of communication for three key brands: Śnieżka, Magnat and Vidaron, which was in line with the prevailing #stayathome trend.

Affected by the pandemic, we could appreciate the basic values – family and the warmth of home, once again. We slowed down, thus getting the opportunity to finish what was unfinished, for example to take care of the house and garden for our loved ones. Similarly to other companies, we persuaded our Clients to stay at home by presenting ideas for domestic and garden work that would make them forget about everyday worries. We advised our clients on how to spend their time creatively, e.g. painting walls or renovating garden furniture. Ideas for renovation works during lockdown would effortlessly spring to mind.

Communication for Śnieżka was based on the message that we do not have to limit our creativity anymore and we can now start the long-planned renovation or bring unfinished works to a close. In the case of the Magnat brand, the activities concerned a situation where many people work and spend their free time at home. The prepared content would teach about the meaning of colors in interiors, their impact on the well-being of a person, as well as reminded about the rules of combining individual colors. We also advised on how to arrange home and office on your own terms so that the work is as pleasant and effective as possible. Vidaron brand, specializing in products for the protection and decoration of wood, in their communication based on the phrase #stayingarden, encouraged to spend time creatively in the garden and take care of the home surroundings.

The main communication channel during the first lockdown were online activities, e.g. displays with intriguing designs and activities in social media (Facebook, Instagram), which encouraged to stay at home or in the garden. We also prepared landing pages for all the brands, where recipients could find inspirational articles and guides, DIY ideas, and, more importantly during that time, tips on where to safely shop both online and at traditional points of sale. We are pleased that our team responsible for brand communication was able to introduce the appropriate modifications and “launch” the actions really quickly. We were able to extend our sales opportunities in digital channels just as quickly, using the sale of our products on Allegro in addition to the existing online store. We did it with the comfort and safety of our clients in mind. This action was also in line with the adopted communication strategy stating that the necessary products can be purchased conveniently, without leaving home.

In this difficult time, we strongly supported our Business Partners, for whom we prepared a number of information materials that helped them adjust their business to the current conditions. We provided information on the best practices related to sanitary issues, as well as advised on how to organize a safe sales process from placing an order to its receipt.

Thanks to the undertaken marketing and sales activities, during the beginning of the pandemic, but also in the following months, we not only increased our market share, but also strengthened the position of our brands in the awareness of consumers.

At the same time, we did not remain indifferent to the situation in the Polish healthcare system and supported three hospitals in Podkarpacie – in Dębica, Łańcut and Rzeszów. The total value of aid, in the form of equipment, personal protection and ward equipment, exceeded over one million Polish zlotys. Active participation in the life of the local community, helping and supporting each other is a very important aspect of running a business for Śnieżka.

Key communication channels? How will this change in 2021?

The plethora of available communication channels forces us to skillfully adapt them to the profile of our business, target group and, above all, the communication strategy of each brand and goals that we want to achieve.

As far as our key products are concerned, wide-range media, including television, continue to play an important role. We adhere to the principle that the best communication channel is the one chosen by our client, and that is why we try to inform about our brands in places our clients expect this. We inspire, advise and help in choosing the best solution, hence online activities, with a wide range of actions, occupy a significant place among the communication channels that we currently use and in which we plan to invest in the next year. We also do not forget about the point of sale, as that is where final choices are often made, and focus on a clear and easy-to-purchase display of our products. What will 2021 be like? It seems that our media mix will not change drastically, as it has been supporting the achievement of goals so far. However, taking into account the changes in consumer behavior, digital may be a channel that will gain even more importance in our activities. For some of our clients, painting and interior decoration is a passion, and that is why we will place emphasis on the use of digital channels that will allow our brands to be part of their unique interior metamorphoses. We also focus on content activities – the quality of publications, their adaptation to the channel, and finally their usability. We will definitely work with different forms of communication. We will also continue to invest in marketing automation and personalized content. We will not forget about social media and influencer marketing, where skillfully developed cooperation of the brand with opinion leaders is very well received by the target group. We monitor consumer behavior, customers’ interest in multiscreening and media consumption, which will allow us to adjust the media mix even better in 2021. Multi-channel campaigns allow us to widely distribute good content that the client is looking for, and thus effectively conduct planned activities and possibly modify them in the event of a situation that occurred at the beginning of the year, i.e. the need to adapt marketing plans to the times of the pandemic.

The greatest challenges that the company faces.

Recently, constant monitoring of consumer moods and attitudes, as well as analysis of the economic situation, have become particularly important, as we are dealing with a change that has never happened before. The challenge is the flexibility of business, allowing it to quickly and effectively adapt to the changing reality. The coming year will be the next stage in the development of not only Śnieżka, but all companies from the Capital Group. We optimize internal processes and maximize the benefits of the economies of scale by developing the idea of competence centers. Hence the decision to transfer our sales and marketing activities to the new company Śnieżka Trade of Colors, as an expert in this area.

The most important trends for you.

For some time, we have been noticing the progressing premiumization of the market. Our clients are more and more demanding and willing to buy higher-quality products that provide them with a certain value. They expect brands to meet their needs while acting in accordance with their beliefs. Hence, care for health and the environment, as well as expectations regarding product functionality, are just some of the issues that will shape the reality of our industry in the coming months. An important phenomenon from our point of view is the increasingly progressing digitization of our lives, access to new technologies that have changed our behavior during the shopping mission. The trend seems to have accelerated in recent months. As customers, we prefer to do things in a simple way, we look for effective and easy ways to get things done, not challenges to overcome. All this is to simplify our lives and save time. The actions of brands, in every respect, must fit into it. At the same time, brands must be open to new, previously unused solutions.

The condition of the industry. Opportunities and threats.

A kind of “social halt”, which we had to deal with in the first half of the year, paradoxically meant that many of our consumers found time to carry out repairs that were postponed or complete finishing works. The important thing is that the distribution of paints was not limited by administrative decisions, and the increased demand for decorative products meant that our industry did not suffer as much as many others. Nevertheless, the pandemic made Poles use online shopping to a greater extent than before. This fact, combined with the progressing digitization of the purchase process, makes e-commerce a channel for our industry not only allowing sales transactions, but also an effective platform for brand communication.

When it comes to threats, these may include the possible deterioration of the economic situation of consumers, as a consequence of the prolonged state of the pandemic, subsequent restrictions introduced by the government, or a decrease in the value of the GDP indicator with which our industry is correlated. Moreover, it is worth remembering that recently society seems lost and distrustful of the messages it receives. Therefore, brands should be reliable and close, they should be able to find their way to the consumer who is not entirely sure what the reality looks like and what the future bring.


In the coming year, we will definitely work on further development of our brands as well as products, following the changing needs of customers in various markets. We continue working on the development of digital solutions implemented at the beginning of 2020, supporting, among others, B2B, marketing and e-commerce processes. We want to improve them to better meet the needs of both our business partners and end customers. At the end of next year, we are planning to open a modern Logistics Center, which will significantly increase our product distribution capabilities.

Łukasz Dobrowolski, Marketing Communications Director at Śnieżka SA

Tomasz Kosiński, Strategic Marketing Director at Śnieżka SA

Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA is a company with over 35 years of experience in the construction chemicals market and a leading company in the Śnieżka Capital Group.

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