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  • Agnieszka Nowicka
    Creative Group Head

    We comprehensively create and implement creative concepts from copywriting to design. We strive to ensure that every advertising slogan or designed key visual are best suited to the recipient and at the same time stand out, attract attention and encourage interaction. Every day we learn and inspire in order to follow leading trends and understand the specificity of modern communication channels. This way, our creations effectively realize the goals set for them.

    creative concepts · copywriting · design · advertising slogans · key visuals · trends

  • Alicja Glapan
    Head of Video Department

    We provide original content and offer comprehensive video production. Every day, we create film and animated materials, using our own production resources, which are carefully tailored to each project. Before we start production, we analyze the behavior of recipients and create a strategy of video content reach in accordance with SEO standards. We efficiently manage media platforms and YouTube channels. We optimize content distribution on an ongoing basis and measure the effectiveness of SEM activities.

    video marketing · comprehensive production · video · animations · strategy · SEO · SEM 

  • Mikołaj Dudziński
    SEM Specialist

    Dynamic changes and trends in digital marketing pose new challenges every day. That is why we support our activities with tools, researches and benchmarks. We combine our knowledge with customer experience, and reliable data analysis with creative solutions. We build, implement and optimize strategies to achieve business goals. We provide valuable conversions and micro conversions by conducting effective SEM activities and precise performance campaigns. All our offers contain reliable estimates and KPIs supported by regular reports on their implementation.

    digital marketing · data analysis · SEM · SEO · conversions · performance · KPI · reports 

  • Małgorzata Juś
    SM & Influencer Group Head

    We are not afraid of KPIs, insights and conversions. We collect leads, increase the engagement rate and make the brand sentiment positive. By creating content for social media, we not only build the image, but also care about the set business and sales goals. We focus on relationships with users and create procurement needs. At the same time, we analyze the behavior of target groups, using the tools and functionalities that social media offers us.

    social media · KPI · insights · benchmarks · engagement rate · brand sentiment · tools · conversions

  • Alina Chmiel
    Team Leader & Coordinator Client Service Dept.

    Creating valuable content is not everything – the most important thing is the strategy of their distribution and effectiveness. Our content educates, engages, and at the same time is a way to implement business goals and supports sales. We precisely select communication channels and match them to the target group and content format. Regardless of whether we create articles, guides, infographics or video, we always monitor and optimize our activities in terms of SEO.

    content marketing · strategia dystrybucji · touchpointy · optymalizacja · SEO · SEM 

  • Sylwia Włodarczyk
    Business Growth Specialist

    Print is not only our job, but also passion. We are experts in implementing projects in the field of printing. We comprehensively plan, create high-quality content, DTP, select materials and print. We care not only for the content and form, but also promotion and distribution by choosing the right channels and providing real results. In customer relations, we focus on openness, transparency and partnership, because we know that this is the only way through which we can enjoy the results of our work.

    print · custom publishing · DTP · print · promotion · distribution · effectiveness 

The key competences are developed by two brands

  • Logo Skivak Full services agency Europe
    full service agency
    Providing comprehensive marketing support which translates into real results.
  • SKIVAK The Publishers
    Skivak the Publishers
    A marketing publisher specializing in the creation and distribution of magazines, occasional publications and reports.

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